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Our Mixtapes, Ourselves

This year we added a Sonos machine to our office, allowing anyone to contribute to an office-wide playlist anonymously. And while we've all been exposed to music we might not have selected for ourselves, we've also surely developed an appreciation for the myriad and eclectic tastes that can exist among 37 people. This communal playlist provides us a sense of community—a shared attempt to drown out the Chinatown buskers on their fifth rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," and more recently, an all-day Bowie lovefest.

This year we also continued our tradition of curating and sharing personal playlists. Participation is not required and no judgement is levied for selections, although I think you'll see that the lists have been influenced by the Sonos activity. Equal-parts homage to our plucky punk roots and appreciation for the dying art of making mixtapes, our colleagues' contributions to this tradition continue to surprise and delight us.

In fact, I think you'll find that the lists below are some of our best ever.

The Rules

  • No actual tapes can be distributed. Digital files only
  • Collections must fit on a standard capacity CD (or 74 minutes total running time)
  • Lists can be thematic, even if only to you.
  • This is not a hipness competition. We get down to both Dolly Parton and Fugazi.
  • Mixspot is about personal expression. No judging. Art is subjective. There is no winner.

Chris Davis, Software Engineer

“This playlist makes me feel like I'm back at WMUC 88.1FM.”

Listen to Chris’s Mixspot playlist

Ted Whitehead, Front-End Engineer

“These are songs I discovered in 2015 thanks to Spotify (plus some I just like).”

Listen to Ted’s Mixspot playlist

Elizabeth Barth, Associate Creative Director

"Songs that found me in 2015 and got me through the days. Particularly track 12, which Bjork went on record to say that it is her favorite song of all time."

Listen to Elizabeth's Mixspot playlist

William Colgrove, Co-Founder

"It's 8 songs in 25 minutes."

Listen to William's Mixspot playlist

Sara Pasch, Project Manager

"This went a different way than I thought when I started it. My original playlist was along the theme of 'dancing in your office chair' and I deemed that too distracting for potential playing on Sonos. This one is a little bit more subdued, and the general theme is 'Yes, we had hip hop in Indiana'"

Listen to Sara's Mixspot playlist

Daniel Boggs, Software Engineer

"If you know anything at all about my musical tendencies you probably know I like a little bit of Metal and a whole lotta fuzzy (stoner) Rock. Even less people know that I am also a huge fan of acoustic string music (mostly in the realm of American Folk). This is a wide-brimmed hat tip to the latter... a mix of some traditional bluegrass, “new” grass, alternative country, and a bit of indie-folk. Either make a cowboy coffee, crack a cold one, pour a whiskey, or maybe even have a redneck margarita for maximum enjoyment."

Listen to Daniel's Mixspot playlist

Jack Nank, Project Manager

"For better or worse, Spotify's Discover Weekly feature drove much of my music consumption last year, so I thought it would fitting for my Mixspot 2015 to be a greatest hits of tracks that appeared in my Discovery Weekly. Not all of these tracks are necessarily new to me, but each in its own way led me down a fruitful musical wormhole at one time or another during 2015."

Listen to Jack's Mixspot playlist

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